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If you think of some amusing attempts of lip-syncing in the past few years you’d automatically remember that day in 2005 when Liam Gallagher made no secret of the fact that he was miming his lyrics by walking away from the mike and chewing a chewing gum when he was supposed to be singing. 

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But if you thought that was bad, wait until you meet Tengu – The USB-powered desktop companion who sits by your computer making different faces according to his mood. Not only that, Tengu lip-syncs to the music you play so it looks like he’s singing. 

Tengu’s rectangular face is laden with bright LED’s that respond to any type of sound, so as well as gurning to your favourite music, he’ll also be jabbering along while you type. If you’re really bored and you’ve completely lost the plot you could even have a chat with your new USB friend and he will talk back, although I don’t recommend it!